NFT Digest 22 APR

Real-Time NFTs, NFT flight tickets and Coinbase marketplace

I analyze and go through events that have happened in the NFT market during the week. I choose and focus on those that I consider significant. I share my personal opinion about what is good or bad in the news.

Coinbase NFT launched beta version

Access so far is only via a promo code. It was distributed to 10,000 most active users. However, the waiting list has collected 4 million people.

Coinbase NFT

«Last year we announced Coinbase NFT, a Web3 social marketplace for NFTs. Since then, we’ve been building in the open and getting input from the NFT community. We shared previews of our progress with collectors and creators and received amazing feedback. We learned that people don’t just want better tools to buy and sell NFTs: they want better ways to discover them, better ways to find the right communities, and better spaces in which they can feel connected with each other. That’s why we’re building a product that’s much more than a transaction. We’re looking to empower people to create, collect, and connect.»
Coinbase blog

Only Ethereum is currently supported. Support of other blockchains is planned to be added in the near future. Currently, you can connect web 3.0 wallets (metamask, walletconnect, coinbase wallet, etc.). And in the future, it is planned to enable card payment.

And know what I’ll say? This is the NFT social network!

Likes, comments, feed, subscriptions — everything is here. Subscriptions will form a feed similar to Instagram or Twitter. Recommendation system for new collections, depending on your interests. It seems to me that is a perfect idea for art and collectible NFTs. The social mechanics work great. Instagram is actively used by artists and creators. I think that this marketplace will definitely be in the top after a while.

Speaking of the Cons: again, no one thought about further usability Case scenario. Scrolling through the feed is great. Also, collecting, sharing, liking etc. But without real utility it is way too boring. Fortunately, we think about it in our project.

It’s a pity that I didn’t get into the top lucky ones who got access.

Tony Hawk Last Trick Skateboard Collection 🛹

Tony Hawk will auction NFT, featuring real skateboards autographed by the skater. These skateboards were used by Tony himself during the latest tricks.

Tony Hawk with autographed skateboard

This is a very good example of celebrity’s NFTs case. Such events bring his fans closer to him, and the NFT gives real value — opportunity to get a skateboard autographed by his favorite celebrity!

Real-Time NFTs: American Idol and Silks

Immediately 2 news this week are related to real-time NFTs — tokens that change after events with attached objects that occur offline. I love this kind of connection. Here is a mix of passion, faith and money.

American Idol NFTs

NFT American Idol with show contestants

On April 23, the NFT collection will be launched in honor of the 20th anniversary of American Idol. By purchasing one pack for $99, the buyer receives a card with a show contestant. Every seven days, some of the contestants will be fired, and the NFT owners of the remaining contestants will receive rewards. The NFT owner with the winning contestant will receive a ticket to Hollywood.

NFT Silks Horse tied to real horses

The digital horse Silks Horse NFT is a derivative of a real racehorse. Data related to pedigree, training progress and race results of real horses will be tracked in real time. When a horse wins a race or breeds in the real world, the owner of the corresponding NFT receives tokens that can be spent on in-game items. Public Sale will start on April 27.

Moonbirds NFT Collection Ranked Top 7 by Sales Volume

Its sales are even higher than those of BAYC, CryptoPunks and Azuki. 10,000 Moonbirds were minted for 2.5 ETH on April 16th. The floore price for today is 35ETH ($105,000).

Another access to a private club is incredibly overpriced. The design is generally reminiscent of crypto-punks. Although they promise to launch the metaverse, and thanks for that. Too boring…

Air Europa launches NFT flight tickets

NFTickets — NFT ticket — can be bought for a special flight Madrid-Miami November 29, 2022. The owner shows his NFT and receives a real ticket. So far everything is very limited. They are exploring a new market for themselves. But this is a very good sign for the entire industry.

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