NFT Digest 13 MAY

NFT in Instagram, McLaren Drop, Supergroup BAYC passes and Bourbon NFTs

I analyze and go through main events that have happened in the NFT market during the week. I choose and focus on those that I consider more or less significant. Here I share with you my personal opinion about what is good or bad in the news.

My assets

  • I revealed my Kahiru NFT. And staked my NFT on the site. All Kahiru holders will be able to claim Stone Particles daily. And then use them to buy some NFTs or join a raffle.
  • I’ve bought Blvck Genesis NFT by Blvck Paris. This is a lifestyle apparel & accessories brand, supported by millions of highly engaged social media followers and customers worldwide. Blvck is known for its ‘All Black’ clothing, accessories, and digital goods. Every owner of a Blvck Genesis NFT gains member access to a world of exclusive merch, benefits, airdrops and Blvck verse. The reveal itself will happen on may 16th.
  • The next purchase is McLaren MSO LAB Genesis. I’ll tell you more about this project below.

Instagram is set to support Ethereum, Solana, Flow, and Polygon NFTs

Instagram platform will soon support Polygon, Flow, Solana and Ethereum NFTs. The pilot project will involve a small group of NFT fans from the US. Instagram intends to support widely used crypto wallets such as MetaMask. By connecting them, users will be able to verify ownership of the NFTs, showcase them on their profiles, and tag the creators who created them. Instagram will not charge users for posting and sharing NFTs, as Twitter originally did.

McLaren launched its first ultra-exclusive NFT drop

McLaren’s MSO Lab has announced its first NFT collection. This will be the first of its kind for the British marque, and it will be limited to 2,012 units in five tiers. Once acquired, the membership of MSO LAB will offer access to rare NFT drops, as well as the opportunity to unlock unique member experiences.

The first in a series of rare and ultra-exclusive NFT drops, launching on 11.05.22, it will extend this vision to more people than ever before. This is the first of its kind for the British marque, limited to 2,012 units in five tiers. McLaren NFT ownership will grant membership to the MSO LAB community and an evolving array of benefits that will unlock new frontiers of access and experience.

It was inspired by the McLaren P1, released in 2012, as well as the McLaren P1 GTR, its track version. NFTs available for purchase on the McLaren marketplace. It was created with partner Infinite World. MSO LAB marks the first chapter in McLaren’s ambitious metaverse roadmap. Each tier of the Genesis Collection NFTs features a special treatment from MSO LAB: LAB Studio (1,000 pieces), LAB Studio+ (893 pieces), LAB Works (100 pieces), LAB Icons (5 pieces), and LAB Honorary (14 pieces that will be gifted to honorary members of the MSO LAB community).

Globally recognized brand and the good utility didn’t let me pass this drop. I will be happy to see how I will implement the plans of the company McLaren. The true benefits are not yet clear, but the statements are ambitious. Its worth to mention the incomparable graphics. Video and 3D images, all are at a very high level.

BAYC KINGSHIP announces NFT passes for music events IRL

Supergroup BAYC will release 10,000 KINGSHIP key cards soon. These NFTs will allow collectors to access a future virtual world. In addition, it also provides access to music, products, experiences, and the community with tokens.

The project collaborates with the label Web3 Universal Music Group. They are currently building four Towers on the island, one for each member of the group. The KINGSHIP Keycard gives you access to one of four towers, each with its own unique properties and powers. The few who get the keycards to all four towers will unlock access to the floating villa above the towers, where the magic really happens.

A cool idea to give a virtual group real attributes. Such collaborations show us that NFT technologies can exist not only in the virtual space, but also in the real world. Let’s see how the partnership develops further. It will definitely be interesting.

Goose Island Beer releases rare experience NFTs

The Goose Island Barrel House first NFT collection will feature Chicago’s most famous Bourbon County Stout. A total of 2022 NFTs will be released in three levels: Select (1992 pcs.), Reserve (29 pcs.) and 24k Gold Edition (1/1). Buyers will not be able to choose their levels — they will be assigned to them randomly. All NFTs will be sold for $399 each plus tax. For payment, you can use conventional credit cards and cryptocurrencies — BTC, ETH or USDC.

Different benefits correspond to each level of NFT. Select level owners will receive an old Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Tap from the Goose Island vault, a used barrel staff and a limited edition snifter, a branded digital frame to display their NFTs.

The owner of the NFT 24k Gold Edition will receive a VIP keg display case with a 2022 BCS bottle. He will also have access to an exclusive Bourbon County vintage tasting with Goose Island Beer.

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