TOP 40 move-to-earn (M2E) apps

The super successful STEPN set the trend for move-to-earn applications. The industry now is actively growing, new projects pop up every day. Investors are not willing to miss the hype and actively invest in everything related to m2e. As for users, they want to make their xx on the tokens and NFTs of these projects. This is very similar to how everyone was chasing play-to-earn games a little earlier. For those who don’t want to miss a big trend even in a bearish market, I made a list of move-2-earn projects. These include not only running, but other activities as well.

At the bottom you will find a comparative table of all projects. Please note that this is not financial advice. Do your own research. I picked up 5 projects to invest in. I’ll post them on my Twitter.

My new story about NFT passes:


TOP 10 move-to-earn apps


Activity: running
NFT: sneakers

The idea is now familiar to everyone: you buy sneakers, run and make money. You can develop your own sneakers, thereby increasing their value.

Twitter: 560 000
Discord: 500 000
Token: GMT
Market cap: $862 356 070

2. Step app

Activity: running
NFT: sneakers

The project is actively chasing STEPN. The test-app will launch very soon. You can registrate and receive FAT points right now. You receive more for inviting friends. The received FAT points can be converted into in-game KCAL tokens. There is no NFT yet, but the token is already traded on exchanges.

Twitter: 186 000
Discord: 30 800
Token: FITFI
Market cap: $76 119 240

3. Genopets

Activity: walking, running and other activities
NFT: genopets, lands and other

The project is more of a game than just an app. It features lands, pets, and crafting. Every user has their own genopet, an avatar, and needs to upgrade it through various activities: walking, running, etc. This project is somewhere between virtual and real worlds.

Twitter: 166 000
Discord: 162 000
Token: GENE
Market cap: $33 516 883

4. Dotmoovs

Activity: football, dance, workout, boxing, basketball, skating
NFT: balls

The project introduces a new metaverse where you can earn rewards and get your performance judged by an AI referee. All you need is your skill, ambition and smartphone. Now available are freestyle football and dancing, but other activities will be added soon. The token is already traded.

Twitter: 57 000
Discord: 8 000
Token: MOOV
Market cap: $8 038 737

5. Dustland

Activity: push-ups, running, cycling
NFT: Kettlemine, PFP

This is a whole move-to-earn metaverse for athletes, runners and cyclists. Users receive rewards and Dose tokens for every training session. Crafting systems, upgrades, seasonal battle passes, rated PvP, clan raids are all conceived. Token is already traded on an exchange.

Twitter: 20 000
Discord: 25 600
Token: DOSE
Market cap: $1 660 164


Activity: running
NFT: sneakers, pets

A very worthy competitor to STEPN. For every calorie burned, Calo will count and reward you with NFT tokens or items. The application is already working, you can buy sneakers. It will be possible to embed gems, rent them out, breed them and change their looks. A full-fledged earning functionality is expected on May 28. Early adopters might be getting a good profit. Definitely worth a look at the project. The token is already traded, it went up 130x.

Twitter: 138 000
Token: CALO
Market cap: $6 673 356


Activity: running, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, working out
NFT: avatars items

You can connect one of the popular fitness devices to the application: Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health and Huawei Health. After that, join challenges, complete tasks and receive WIRTUAL tokens. This is how you upgrade your virtual avatar. Updating character features can unlock special “powers” or privileges along with limited edition clothes. You can then sell the unique character you have created to other users. Token is already traded on an exchange.

Twitter: 42 600
Discord: 3 600
Market cap: $2 514 407


Activity: running
NFT: sneakers

The idea is quite simple — you buy sneakers, download the application, walk, run, get project tokens. Each shoe will have unique properties: durability, quality, boost and other characteristics. 500 beta testers are already testing the app, which looks pretty cool by the way. 50 of them will get free sneakers. Total supply is 10,000, which is quite a lot, given that the price will be around 300 KLAY (~315$). The token is not traded yet, an IDO is expected.

SNKRZ will also feature lands that will allow you to set traps for runners.

Twitter: 29 200
Discord: 69 600

9. 5KM

Activity: running
NFT: sneakers

The app is very similar to STEPN. The sneakers are already available for purchase. The token is traded on an exchange. While the application is not very popular, but it is actively developing.

Twitter: 38 400
Discord: 20 700
Token: KMT
Market cap: $1 985 584


Activity: walking, running, cycling
NFT: sneakers

Another clone of STEPN. Only here was added cycling to earn. Token is already traded on an exchange.

Twitter: 23 300
Discord: 8 400
Token: VIM
Market cap: $1 847 739

TOP 11–40 move-to-earn apps

11. Step
13. Aircoins
14. Movey
15. Aglet
16. Sweatcoin
17. DEFY
18. CycGo
19. Ride2e
20. METZ
21. Movez
22. Coinwalk
23. FitEvo
24. StepD
25. Get Kicks
26. BikeRush
27. GoRIDE
28. Fitmint
29. iSTEP
30. Bikearn
31. BicycleFi
32. Step Watch
33. Walken
36. Let’s Run
37. TRAC
38. MoveCash

40. SEXN
SEXN is designed to give users two of the indispensable things that humans love most: sex and money. This sexual application will start from sex-to-earn and gradually develop private social and e-commerce sectors.

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